Sunday, May 29, 2005

Ullas Fiber Blog

All Mothers day in Sweden today 29.5 2005,a day we celebrate our mother.I'v got a
lovely Phalaenopsis from my boys and my husband.So lovely.They also made me a lovely dinner and the sunshine also tried to make the day .

The crochet felted mitten is one of the latest project.Also the cushion with the apple in cross-stitch I made ready for the exhibition we had with the products we made on our textile handicraft course.We had our last meeting yesterday and we were visiting an art weaver-Eva Hagström and Birgitta Zachrisson who works with wool,both making yarn and felting.We also visited a lovely exhibition of Elsbeth Lavold and her knitted things with patterns inspirated by the vikings.Anita Poromaa had a little exhibition with bracelets knittid by metal threads in silver.Lovely things too.What a wonderful Saturday.

On Thuesday I go to visite my son in the south of Sweden,he lives in Lund.On Saturday he goes to Japan studying japaneese.He comes back the first day in August.I hope he can give me more informations also about japaneese textile handicraft although he really is a computer geek.I'm so happy he can travel and learn more but also sad becuse he is a long way from home.Oh my mother heart.....but I'm so happy I have my youngest son still living at home and of course my husband.In Lund I hope I can find some nice shops withwonderful yarn,fabrics I live in the north we still have only a few flowers but we nearly have no darkness,the midnightsun is really wonderful when it comes.

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