Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Skogsmörker -a wristwarmer in Bohusstickning

The first wristwarmer is ready.It's not blocked but you maybe can see the soft fluffy surface.The yarn is made by 50% Merinowool and 50% Angora.As there are many colours ,1 black ,4 green and 3 blue/blue green colurs there has been hard to knit but in daylight.Yes I have been ripping up more than one time but I'm very satisfied with the result.Number 2 is on the needles now.

In this link you can see a modern variation of Bohus knitting but they have used other types of yarn and the designer has done a version of her own.The typical way to do the pattern is to knit some purl stitches here and there.

Here you can find a picture of the one I have done but there is a variation of colour in one "pattern" on the wristwarmer
There are many different patterns for different products and almost every item is made in the yarn with Merinowool and Angora.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Christmas gifts and a Happy birthday my friend a long way from here

                                                       Happy Birthday dear M

Wellcome back to my blog after.The first things I'm going to blog about is Christmas gifts I have got from a dear friend M.The package was filled with lovely gifts.She has made a lovely beanie with cables on,a perfect one to have when the sun is shining and we don't have so cold outside.The picture above is taken when we had - 20.4C.When I came home from Japan we had - 30C.You can see different cards with fruits,one special for every month,for January Anjou Pear.For every month I also can find examples of stitches for every fruit and also yarn to use for the embroidery .Tea bags,cockies and an embroidery or a knitting.
                                                 Thank you so so much for your lovely gifts.
                                                  I wish you a lovely creative year.

Sunday, December 04, 2016

Merry Christmas and a Happy New year

With this picture of a part of a wristwarmer ,Skogsmörkret

and material in pink for a wristwarmer ,Azalea,and it's going to be a version of this
I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.

Now I'm going on vacation.Hopefully I'm back in January 2017

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

"Gotland in my heart"

The second workshop is about pattern traditions from Gotland and Halland.The roses on mittens from Gotland are really my favourites,both in the past and now.All the mittens are knitted in 100% wool.The ones on the needles are made by yarn made on Gotland.The kit is bought from

On you can find many pictures  stickat från gotland.

This weekend we are going to have Bohusstickning

I'm going to do wristwarmers.

I have a busy time just now as I'm going on the knitting workshop and next week on workshops in crazy embroidery

and mola embroidery

Wish you all a nice weekend and a nice new week.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Stickresan genom Sverige går som distanskurs på Handarbetets vänner i Stockholm /Stickresan genom Sverige goes on Handarbetets vänner in Stockholm

I hope you can read more about the course I'm going.Sorry only in swedish but you can see 3 pictures showing a little about what we are learning more about.It's a very popular course so if you are interested in it you may contact the school very soon.

They also have a lot of other courses you can read about

Wish you a nice day

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Wristwarmers or mittens

On Handarbetets vänner in Stockholm we are learning more about some knitting tradtions in Sweden.The first weekend we have had Skåne .We used needles 1,25mm and white lamb wool yarn.The patterns we are using are from a special sort of "cardigan".

The stars can be all over the knitted one,despite the start.Afterwards they dyed the knitted  in red,green or other colour.It's hard to knit patterns in darker colours .This one has no special patterns on but decorations with ribbons.I really like this "spedetröja" made by our teacher Karin Kahnlund.It would be nice to have one.Still it's only a dream.

Here you find pictures of many different ones.Enjoy.

Next meeting is October 15 and 16 and I hope I can decide if it's going to be mittens or wristwarmers.I have also some more homework I can do.It would be nice knit and decorate something inspired by the traditons from the "spedetröja"

We have 5 weekends more .Next time it's going to be Gotland and Binge

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

On the needles

It's a lovely day and I have the possibility to take some photos of what I'm knitting.First of all I'm knitting a cardigan for a little baby,our second grandchild ,who hopefully is going to be born in the end of December or in the beginning of January 2017.I´m really enjoying knitting some lace and the yoke is also going to be in lace knitting.And so nice to do a small cardigan.Very very nice.It's made in Lanett from Sandnes Yarn(182 m/50g) in the colour 4312.

The socks are made in a yarn I have got from my swap friend,a yarn from Deborah Norville collection totally new for me.It's 50% wool,25%Bamboo and 25%Nylon but very easy to knit with.It's going to be very interesting to have them,I think they are not anything for the winter.

I wish you all a nice time