Friday, April 17, 2015

Sakura in cross stitch made during the Easter holidays

Easter 2015 was the Sakura time for example in Japan where I have a part of my family and some friends.I really wanted to be there but instead I was at home relaxing and trying to get rid of a flu.In my stash I had an embroidery,half done,I had bought from Tradera.Yes, Easter is a perfect time to do small handicrafts in the morning before you are going on a walk along the river.We already have a lot of daylight too. The embroidery is designed by someone in Denmark 1986.It's made on linen fabric with cotton threads.I really enjoyed this mostly made in pink colours. Wish you all a nice weekend

A lovely gift

Some days ago this lovely pincushion in sashiko embroidery came to my postbox.What a great surprice and what a wonderful gift in a style I really love.I'm trying to learn more about sashiko and about indigo so with this I have got new inspiration to go on with.Thank you so so much dear Sharon.

Sunday, March 01, 2015

Sunday, February 15, 2015

The front part of a biscornu I'm so happy to be ready with this part of a pincushion as it has been a hard work to be doing an enbroidery on 32ct.I really love the beautiful pattern a handicraft friend,Margaret, choosed for us to this SAL.So thankful. Wish you all a lovely new day.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine

Wintertime and a little time for knitting.Today the little cardigan is totally ready for our little grandchild hopefully coming inte next 2 weeks.I made it in M&K Eco cotton.A simple but a very nice pattern.It's so special to do something for someone you don't know,not yet.I choosed cotton as it's going to be born in Tokyo as they only have a very short wintertime.The choice of colour was inspired by the baby room in soft colours,mostly in off white and details in soft green. I wish all my readers a nice Happy Valentine (Still you can't write any comments as I try to get rid of those who are sending spam.I'm so happy you are visiting me.)

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Christmas gifts,snow and a part of an embroidery.

We have a clear not so cold winter day and I have been taking some photos.First I want to show you a lovely bowl I'v got from a dear penfriend in Japan and a wonderful little sashoko tablecloth from a penfriend in USA.What a happiness to get real letters and small gifts from friends I'v never met but we have been penfriends for many years.Very very inspiring. In the forest we have at least 50 centimeters of snow and the trees are covered by snow.I have taken a long walk enjoying the white landscape and today most of the streets are ready to use. I'm participating in a SAL in a yahoo group and there we are doing small items in ,for me,linen fabric 32ct.Hard for the eyes but it goes even if it goes slowely.We use a varigate DMC the end t's going to be a pincushion/biscornu. Dear friends. Still you can't give commentaries as I have had problems with a lot of SPAM.I'm so thankful you are visiting me and I can see that some of you are.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas time

All is calm,all is bright........................... We have a white Christmas and we celebrate with our little family.What a happiness. I want to say thank you for all the cards and gifts to me and to the family,especially to M in USA and to M in Japan who I don't meet during the Christmas holodays. 2014 has been a year focused on knitting socks and the small white socks also give you an information about 2015.Hopefully we are going to get a new family member. Wish you some nice holidays/a nice weekend.