Monday, September 15, 2014

Following a mitten mystery on Ravelry

On the needles I have a very excisting mitten mystery from a group on Ravelry.Very interesting to see the pattern growing but also really hard to follow a pattern with different patterns on every row.You have to count and count and count.I have been knitting and ripping and knitting but now the clue 2 is ready and the third is waiting.Hopefully I'm starting this on Sunday but not before.The fourth is coming before so the mittens are going to be ready until in October. I'm using Tynt Kunstvevgarn,100% spelsauull in black and a lovely blue colour. The designer has a blog where you cand find more about her designing and knitting.

Friday, August 29, 2014

A heart

With this heart made during the warmest period of the summer I wish you a nice weekend.This has been a perfect and very nice pattern.Cross stitches are really one of my favourite stitches. It's made on linen fabric 13 threads/cm and embroidered with DMC 2 "threads". You can find this pattern on and go to Free. As you can see I have added 3 more letters å,ä and ö we have in swedish.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Wish you all a lovely Sunday

The autumn is here and with that the flowers often are yellow and orange in our garden.The yellow flowers are going to be the front part of a little cushion for our home.Still there are more to do and now when the vacation is over there are going to be some few ones more.To make all these flower is a little bit crazy as it takes a lot of time to do but it's very relaxing too.Often I need to have something to focus on.You also can see a result,even if it's a little thing you have done. A new pair,ready to wear, and I really love both the simple pattern and the lovely soft yarn.These socks already are my favotite ones.As I only used one skein and some meters from the second one and 2 skeins in the stash I'm going to do something else,eventually socks and a little shawl. Wish you all a relaxing Sunday and a nice new week.

Sunday, August 10, 2014


Dessa små blommor gjordes för några år sedan .Nu vill jag göra fler,kanske till en dekoration på en väska eller på minikvilt.Varje liten hexagon är ca 2,5 cm. Massor med gula tygbitar lyser upp en annars mulen morgon.Ha en fin söndag. These small flowers were made for many years ago.Now I want to do more.Each hexagon is 1 ".I want to have them as a decoration on a purse or at a mini quilt.A lot of yellow fabric squares brighten up a cloudy day.Wish you a nice Sunday.

Saturday, July 05, 2014

A new day in July

Early morning and a lovely sunshine.The vacation goes on with time for embroidery,the best way of relaxing and finding the inner calmness.This little embroidery is going to be a decoration for our home in December.The pattern is from "Brodera på linne" by Monica Halléen,a book about swedish traditions in embroidery,mostly in cross stitch.I made it in linen fabric,10 threads per centimeter.In the book they recommended 12 threads per centimeter but I found it easier to do the embroidery on 10 threads.Monica Hallén also hassome lovely patterns in blackwork but about that another day. I wish you all a nice day.Take time to enjoy the glorious summertime.

Friday, June 06, 2014

The summer is here

Today we celebrate the national day and the sun is shining and the green garden with some flowers here and there make the day so relaxing.Many birds are singing and we are happy to live near a little forest.Our balcone is very near a part of the forest.Some houres I have been sitting on the balcony knitting and enjoying the day.A perfect day after meny days of work. I wish you a nice weekend.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

A new year in my life

A new year in my life started when we had a lot to do at work.Friends and family made my birthday so nice and inspirating.Flowers from the man i my life,my sister and from my friends at work and a lovely wreath made especially for me from M's wife.So so wonderful.Most of them still are so lovely.I'v got a lot of gifts from friends in Denmark,Norway,Finland,Sweden,Japan and USA.Those lovely gifts are handmade,or fabrics,patterns or yarn.In 3 weeks we have summer holidays and I'm going to use some gifts foor quilting,knitting or embroidery. Today I started a new pair of socks in a thin yarn.The needles are in wood and they are doing the knitting so lovely.Today I have made 3 1/2 pair of socks,the second black sock is not ready.Hopefully this is not going to be the second sock syndrome. Wish you all a nice weekend