Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas time

All is calm,all is bright........................... We have a white Christmas and we celebrate with our little family.What a happiness. I want to say thank you for all the cards and gifts to me and to the family,especially to M in USA and to M in Japan who I don't meet during the Christmas holodays. 2014 has been a year focused on knitting socks and the small white socks also give you an information about 2015.Hopefully we are going to get a new family member. Wish you some nice holidays/a nice weekend.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

A new white weekend

December 20 and we have got lovely white snow.Now we really need warm socks and the green ones you can see on the picture are made of 75% wool and 25% others.The foot is made by handdyed yarn and the cuff of Regia yarn.Both the skeins of yarn are in a good quality and very lovely to knit with.The handdyed of unknown brand is in very high quality,I would say it's the best one.The Christmas decoration is from a dear friend. Wish you all a lovely weekend.Take care of you and enjoy the days.Don't be in a hurry,the Christmas comes even if you don't have many gifts to your family and friends or many dishes on the Christmas table.We are going to have more daylight now and gopefully you all can be out for walking or skiing or......... (Still I have the commentaries closed.)

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Hand dying yarn

En så trevlig lördag med Handvävarna i norr då vi färgade ullgarn och en bit ylletyg.Vi lekte verkligen med färger och jag lyckades också använda andra färger än de blå.Blev så inspirerad av en virkad del av en väska som var gjord i liknande färger.Garnerna kan användas vid vävning,stickning eller virkning . Yesterday we hade a wonderful day hand dying wool yarn and a little peace of wool fabric.Darker blue and lilac are my favourite colours but I also did one skein in colours a friend had nade a little crochet part of a bag.Then yarn can be used in weaving,knitting or crochet,

Friday, October 10, 2014

October in stitches

We have been playing with different stitches during the first part of October. First of all "kråkspark" and french knots The course started with black yarn on white fabric and then white on black.A good start of learning more about doing own interpretations of stitches in combination. As you can see we have got a little snow now but soon it´s going to melt down.The colder season is here and I need a new shawl now and I do it in the same way as earlier.i wish you all a nice day. As you can see my comments are shut down and it´s because I have got so many spam comments every day.I'm so happy if you go on visiting my blog.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Following a mitten mystery on Ravelry

On the needles I have a very excisting mitten mystery from a group on Ravelry.Very interesting to see the pattern growing but also really hard to follow a pattern with different patterns on every row.You have to count and count and count.I have been knitting and ripping and knitting but now the clue 2 is ready and the third is waiting.Hopefully I'm starting this on Sunday but not before.The fourth is coming before so the mittens are going to be ready until in October. I'm using Tynt Kunstvevgarn,100% spelsauull in black and a lovely blue colour. The designer has a blog where you cand find more about her designing and knitting.

Friday, August 29, 2014

A heart

With this heart made during the warmest period of the summer I wish you a nice weekend.This has been a perfect and very nice pattern.Cross stitches are really one of my favourite stitches. It's made on linen fabric 13 threads/cm and embroidered with DMC 2 "threads". You can find this pattern on and go to Free. As you can see I have added 3 more letters å,ä and ö we have in swedish.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Wish you all a lovely Sunday

The autumn is here and with that the flowers often are yellow and orange in our garden.The yellow flowers are going to be the front part of a little cushion for our home.Still there are more to do and now when the vacation is over there are going to be some few ones more.To make all these flower is a little bit crazy as it takes a lot of time to do but it's very relaxing too.Often I need to have something to focus on.You also can see a result,even if it's a little thing you have done. A new pair,ready to wear, and I really love both the simple pattern and the lovely soft yarn.These socks already are my favotite ones.As I only used one skein and some meters from the second one and 2 skeins in the stash I'm going to do something else,eventually socks and a little shawl. Wish you all a relaxing Sunday and a nice new week.