Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sunday morning 29.7

This morning 3 young people came back from a 2 year long sailing trip.Many adventures and many thoughts they have given us through a report every Saturday in a regional newspaper.They have done what we dream about .

They said that what we search
maybe we have just where we are.

Have a nice day.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

A trip to Gammelstad

I visited a wonderful place 80 kilometers from my home.A world heritage.
A sunny day and I went to Gammelstad visiting the old church and the special "village" with small houses used in the past when we had to go to church some holidays every year.Well it's a long time ago when there were no cars or something else that made it possible to go home sleeping and then come back next day.You can find many pictures on the link above and 3 on my flickr.

On where they had a handicraft day.You could see people doing tatting,felting,knitting,doing braclets and so on.I met my secret friend from Stickamera-well now she is not.Our secret period is over.

and we had a lovely chat.

I aslo met some other friends who also was knitting and so on.Sorry I took no pictures.I forgot.So sad.There are so many very good people working with different handicraft.Tomorrow, Friday 27.7, they are also showing what they do but I have no possibilities to go.Thank you all for some lovely houres.I hope we meet during the autumn/winter having more interesting houres/days.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Christmas past and only 6 months left until Christmas 2007and Harry Potter

Today I present my first embroidery for Christmas.I'm a member of a SAL and I started 2 days earlier when I had time to do some stitches.
There are 8 more to do and I don't know how I'm going to use these squares.In USA from where this pattern comes they do small decorations for a wreath or for the Christmas tree.

I'm also in a Harry Potter period.I have seen 3 films during the weekend and now I only have number 5 left and I'm waiting for the last book too.No post today??It would be great to have a pattern for Fenix,the bird who made so Harry Potter could go on living.Today I'm very tired.The weekend has in other words been very intensive,an intensive weekend with Harry Potter.

Friday, July 20, 2007

A needlebook in cross-stitch 20.7

A new day and a needlebook is ready

I made it by using a pattern from

DMC 111,221,469,935 and 3787

thin white linen

We have a lovely sunny morning and it's Friday and the end of a summer week.Still I have some weeks free and have the chance to do some embroidery,patchwork and knitting.
I wish you all a nice end of this week

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

2 lovely summerdays

A lovely day with my friend

Once a year a good friend of mine and I do something together.We live so far away from each other but we try to get some houres when she comes visiting her father.
First of all we went to the new Cultural house in LuleƄ
What a wonderful library they have.What a great part of the house celebrating books and other media.What a happiness to be a librarian in this library.
In this house they have a exhibition hall for modern art,they have wonderful concert halls,some restaurants.We had a lovely lunch and a wonderful time to talk about life,art and handicraft.
We also was visiting a museum and could see a wonderful exhibition with embroidery and weaving art.

Update on the Quaker sampler
Go to
It's a picture taken 8.30 in the evening.I love the summer and the handicraft.
Have a nice time

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Embroideries and Yo-Yo

It has been an inspirating time with embroideries.Still I have vacation and every morning I take the chance to do something in textile.In the beginning of the week we had rainy days and I needed to do some nice things.First I made 2 patchworkblocks for a swap-no photos and I hope to get more time for quilting later this month.

First of all I made a little card reminding of east Asia-a combination of embroidery and a bead from China.When I was in Beijing we also visited a place where they did these beads and so on.Later on I have been thinking of the bad situation for the workers doing different luxury products for us.

Then I have been doing an embroidery of a Flower girl,mostly in metallic DMC,a little cotton and beads from Mill Hill.I'm a woman often dressed in jeans but I love to create the opposite,dresses ans do on decorated with beads and "gold and silver".I love to work with crazy patchwork too.When I was a little girl I loved to be a princess or an angel and my mother made me dresses and wings,not so expensive ones but I felt I was a princess or an angel.It's good to have the fantasy...even when you are older.The last days I have been in another world full of luxury......well DMC-metallic and beads......
Yo-yo is a nice way of doing a little decoration.Click on links on the link above and you find a lot to be inspitated of.
An example I also found today.Maybe it's not so practical but....

A new week starts and I have started a Quaker sampler
DMC 3808 on white linen fabric.
I love doing one or two motives a day.Now we have warm and sunny and it's also a perfect embroidery when you enjoy sitting in the garden

Have a nice week all my friends

Friday, July 06, 2007

What I did this morning

Dear all

A sunny warm morning in the north of Sweden and The Sampler girl had a sweet little square with "Harry Potter" as the theme.A freebee just to use at once.I used both silk,linen and cotton yarn on this little embroidery on Aida because the early morning was really early and no shops were opened .Thanks Tanya for a lovely morning.

July 6

Go to her website too and you find other freebees too and she has a great number of lovely patterns to buy too.

I have lovely memories with the first book about Harry Potter.My youngest son and I we read the book ,some pages each,and we had so many nice evenings reading and enjoying the story.
Now he is 19 ......

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

About biscornu-a link

Here you find instructions and examples of biscornus both with embroidey an one example of a patchwork biscornu.

Good luck.
I'm doing a new one.Pictures later this week

Monday, July 02, 2007

A biscornu from Gabriele in Berlin

I want to show you a biscornu I have got today.I'm in a swap on Freindly stitchers-a yahoo-group .
This wonderful one is made by Gabriele in Berlin.She made the embroidery on a very fine linen fabric.