Monday, January 22, 2007

An angel in cross-stitch to make today

And if you want to do a sweet little embroidery

I only made the angel and the flakes/stars-no words but it says Happy new 2007.
White stitches with a little gold in the middle of the stars/flakes and perhaps a little on the hair on natural coloured linen fabric seems to be my favourite combination.I have done it in the colures the chart says and it's also very lovely.

Have a nice day

-30C and snowflakes

Have a nice day.

Started early this morning by driving a friend to the bus..................-30C............................
Today is a perfect day sitting inside .
If you need inspirarion I send you 2 favourite links for crocheting a little winter project.

I have to go working all the day and I have about 2 kilometers to walk.Much warm clothes and it's OK but...

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Kaffe Fassett design

Tomorrow I go to Stockholm visiting

Click on Pressbilder to the left of the site and then click on Kaffe Fassett

You can find some of his embroideries and knittings designed by him.
I'm also visiting other exhibitíons and have a great dinner there.More about my weekend next week.

I wish you a nice weekend

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Projects ,life and winter.

The fourth day of work starts in an hour.We have a lovely morning with -10.6 C,a sky full of stars and a moon also brightening up the dark morning.Every morning is a gift but some mornings are more comfortable after many good dreams,many hours of sleeping and a day not so full of hard work.

1.If you want to do a little knitting-do what I did yesterday evening.Off-white cotton yarn.Why not pink or read or........

2.If you want to celebrate Christmas or winter.

I hope the have 2 hearts in cross-stich freebies still on their site.

3.A smaller embroidery?

4.I wish to buy and do this little embroidery for a bag.A crazy-quilt lady from Janlynne

I wish you all my friends a nice end of the week,the second one of 2007.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A week of holidays

Happy new year all my friends.

-0.1 and a thin powder of new white snow.6 days until the first day at work 2007.Enjoyed familylife.Birthday for my younger son and my elder came home from Tokyo.
To rest a little give you time to reflect over the life and the situation on the earth.

Some thoughts.

Why do some countries have capital punishment when you are not as a private person allowed to kill?
Nobody has the right to short the life of another person,not even a state.

We have so much to be grateful of.Why are we not?
Do we live in a world of fantasy or..?
Catch the day.

To have friends is a great gift to a human being.
To have a family is a great gift to a human being.
To live in peace is a great gift to a human being.

What am I going to do these days of holidays?

I'm knitting socks in white and I use a pattern,Snow Flakes by Jeanie Townsend.The link above shows how the sock looks like.

A nice little embroidery made by a creative women.She also sell beautiful samplers.

Perhaps I have time to do a little scissor fob or ornament from Alchemy Stitchcraft.She has a lovely group too and there I found a little embroidery(2"x2") in cross-stitch and with some small beads on too.

And I 'm going to talk walks in the warm winterdays.
And go on enjoing the familylife.
And read some pages in a great nove.

Well well some of it...........Can't stop being a time optimist.