Monday, October 31, 2005

Blackwork sampler II

Garden Paradise Blackwork sampler II from Stitcher´s world September 2004 is the pattern do.This is one of four squares.I have used DMC black 2 threads and DMC goldcoloured 2 threads.It's my first project in blackwork and perhaps I have this as a square in the niddle when I do a purse or.....It's really hard with gold thread and this is the first little embroidery and I know I'm going to do more.

Wish you good luck with what you are doing.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

right adress to Libilou

Sorry I gave you the wrong adress to Libilou

This is the right one


My SP Libilou has sent me so many lovely gifts

gul sak

What a day.

Today a big package arrived from my SP Libilou.So exciting.
She has been so generous and in this last package she sent me also a lovely shawl in dark blue,a shawl with a lovely form


On September 10 you find her picture.Isn't a lovely shawl?

And I'v got sweets,dishcloths,potholders,yarn,stickers,a hook....So many things...i really loved them all.We are members on and we have been members of an autumn swap.

My best wishes to you all and especially to Libilou

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Winterday and Halloween cross-stitch

The 26th of October 08.50 I had this lovely wiev from my window.About 5" of snow in the garden.I love these days when it's not so cold.
I have done my first Halloween block.It's a mix of two patterns from Lizzie&Kate.Perhaps I do one in black and with another aida to get the motive bigger.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

October-a month full of darkness ,time for cross-stitch and the first snow

The 25th of October we got the first snow.White and beautiful but cold.

Assissi embroidery is a lovely form of cross-stitch where you do the crosses around the motive.I found this pattern on a site from NewZeeland with many free patterns

My husband was hunting elks and I made one in cross-stitch.And he got no elk.This elk is from Anna 10/05
made a bird in cross-stitch, very common in Christmas time.I love the colours contrasting the white snow and the green trees
I'm going to use it for a patchworkblock.

The bird reminds me of winter and Christmas.This is a piece to a patchworkblock in crazystyle.