Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Fabric flower

You need 5 squares fabrics,8cmx8cm,a button and a square of fabric to have on the button,one squae below and a needle and thread.You do triangles of the squares ans sew them together to a circle....... We had a workshop in the library and there were ladies who learnt to do them.They are working with handicraft around our area.of course the are more often in LuleƄ where we have a museum but sometimes they are coming to the countryside.just now we also have a handicraft exhibition in the library.More about that another time.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

May 19

A little baby cardigan made in M&K Eco baby bomull(cotton) A soft yarn and an easy pattern.Well the most "hard" work is to do the last do the last sewing together and to knit the last rows for the neck.It's going to be a very nice cardigan,soft and wearable. While looking at TV,icehockey and Eurovision contest(popular music) I have been doing a part of a crochet shawl in Daphne lace(schoeller&stahl)A nice yarn to do crochet but not in knitting as I couldn't find the right needles and I could't get the right feeling while knitting it.Maybee it was because of the combination 75% Schurwolle and 25%Polyamid. It's going to be a perfect shawl for a summer evening in the north of Sweden I wish you all a lovely day

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

A summer bag made by wood pulp made by my dear friendM

The bag ,crochet in a yarn made by wood pulp, is a birthday gift from a lovely friend,a pen friend from USA,since many years now.We have many things in common as knitting,crochet and embroidery and many more things.The yarn is eco Andaria.What a lovely wonderful glowing yarn and it's so good to find more eco yarns to use.My friend M says that it weakens a little when it's wet but now it's a very good quality and you can have small things in it without problems.This is also a good summer party bag.Why not having a gift in it when you go to a friend f ex flowers or a skein of yarn.In the birthday package she also put 2 skeins of eco Andaria so I hope I can find out what I want to do of it.About that during my summer vacation. Wish you all a nice time.

Sunday, May 05, 2013

The first day of a new year

May 6. With these flowers from my sister with family I celebrate the first day of a new year. Wish you a nice day

Saturday, May 04, 2013

White squares in linen fabric

The second embroidery with white DMC.The sqare in the middle is going to be an empty square,the other once are going to have small patterns.Love the way to design,and to have the full right to do whatever I like or whatever I want to fill it with. I have used for the soft stiches 2 of 6 strands and for the "thicker" ones 4 of 6 .This is a nice way of getting different impressions of the stitches and the embroidery. I wish you all a lovely day.

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

A new month and a new coaster

Wednesday ,the first day in May and I made this coaster in different cotton yarns in green,yellow and lilac.It's a simple pattern,a simple granny square,and I love it.You can play with yarns and colours.The last row around,the thin frame,is made of double embroidery yarn. the coaster is made by double embroidery yarn.I want to celebrate the springtime.We are longing for flowers and green leaves but still nothing of it.We still have ice on the river and a snowy landscape but every day the snow is melting. I wish you all a nice new month. Wellcome May with sun,flowers and green leaves,