Sunday, November 25, 2012

The darkness and ..........................

The dark period of the year also have time of joy and beauty.Thr first little ornament is made on linen fabric,DMC and some metallic red and green threads.Sorry the picture is bad and the metallic thread is not shown well but.........
Outside the museum of Luleå they have these beautiful sculptures glowing in the darkness.So soft light in the dark afternoon.We had a knitting café on Satirday and we really had lovely chats and we were knitting and crochet and were talking about the everyday life and about our hobbies much inspiration
Near the busstation I could see these light installations.One more great inspiration this Saturday November 24.After that I went home and I felt so happy for all the inspirations and all the lovely people I met.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

A star

This weeend this beautiful star has brighten up our home.The star is made by a swap friend and she has made a star on the back too,in a bluegreen colour. Today I have made Christmas gifts and it has been such a nice day listning to the radio. Especiall this program was so good with with many songs I really love.So calm and so relaxing. Wish you a nice new week.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Happy Fathers Day

Today we celebrate Fathers day and it's a very special day even if my father has been dead for many years.He died when he was only 58 and I'm ................. Often I think about him when I think of our boys.He had been a great grandfather. During the day I have went on with Christmas gifts so I show nothing of what I'm working on.
These pictures show you a Christmas ornament I'v got in a swap.The ornament has a back and a front and my swap partner has made in crazy quilt patterns with embrodery and embelishments.This is going to be a part of our Christmas decoration.Hopefully we have got more snow in December.I'm really longing for the snow. Wish you a nice new week

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Inspiration and thoughts

A letter with wonderful stamps I'v got from a friend gave me insiration to the granny square for today.The varigated yarn was really good for that.A visit I made to a textile group was the second inspiration useful for a mini quilt or a bag or a clutch or...I had the possibility to buy some fabrics,recycled ones,they have been hand dying.The blanket is a long time project but the a November project. During this weekend we have focus on our dead relatives and friend.Many candles and flowers are on the graves and many of us take time to visit the graveyard. What do we use our days to? What's the most important?