Sunday, July 31, 2005

A wonderful week

I have had a wonderful week full of joy and handicraft.Her we have had a lovely circus with many activities as son,dance ,jokes ans do on and in the same tent we were working with different handicrafts.This was for children and their parents or relatives but also if there were place other could participate in this.And I did.Even if I'm an adult I really enjoyed the idea to mix joy and handicrafts.Both the children and the adults we had a lovely time.

Oh My SP sent me the last gift,both Noro and mohair yarn and 3 sweet stitchmarkers.What a gift.Thank you my friend from Canada.

Here you can se the purse I made in wool fabric,Perhaps to my mobile.
And a bookmark in fabric and birch bark.
We had so many lovely materials we could choose so the creativity got help.Now I try to do another purse but I had not tome to do it ready.2 days fast.

I also participated in Snowflakes in July crochet along on Crochetville .I want to go on with them later.This week was so full of activities.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Pattern link

There you find free patterns for snowflakes.

Lrts start


Today we start a Snowflake along

I have already done 2 small snowflakes (crochet) and 1 little embroidery with a beaded snowflake on and outside we have a lovely summerday.Very odd but so funny.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Summer and swaps

The sumer is full of lovely swaps.
Raggedy Ann is a new "doll" for me and I and 4 australian quilters swapped redwork blocks on patchNquilt ,a lovely yahoogroup.Really a nice Ann,a tough Ann.

Christmas in July-a heart in silk and cotton for Juliette on Chainsofhearts.She wished a heart with an angel and I like this little one very very much.Beads around the embroidery.

ATC swap-a pink fabric swap.These were the hearts I'v got.
The one down on the left hand is made of me.My first ATC swap.I'm going to participate later too.

Roses in the garden.
"My luv is like a red red rose"
Well white and pink roses are lovely too.
In the middle the lovely gifts I'v got from my SP4 on Knitty.
Beads,hooks in birch,a scoop for beads and the lovely book about Folk Mittens.

July so far has been a happy month for me.We also have a lovely summer.Yesterday we have got the first strawberries too
I'm also working with the the white doily and I also make some blocks.For my SP Melissa I made a scarf in Noro Shabon and I'm happy the colour was good for her.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Roses are red

The roses missed "the train"
I'm really a beginner.Sorry.

Flowers and blocks

We have a lovely season with flowers and I made some blocks in green-work for a friend of mine,a gift to her at her birthday.

Crochetville doily swap and I'm going to do a doily for a friend in USA.I think I'm going to do one in free form crochet and this is the first flowers I have done.I have been sitting in the garden nearly all the day crochet and enjoying all flowers we have just now.Even roses are lovely now.

And I have holidays now.What a wonderful time having the possibility to use more time for crochet and embroidery.