Monday, December 30, 2013

Friends who love snail mail

A letter written by hand is worth very much for me and many friends.I have got a notebook,2 lovely pencils ,ink ones,and some papers to write the message on.One of my penfriends sent me also this lovely potholder with a lovely star made in Tilda fabrics.Soon we have a new year and we hopefully have time to write letters and cards to friends and family.Every time there are real letters in our postbox they are doing the day so special. I'm wishing you a nice day.Maybe you write a card or a letter too.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Gifts for a knitter from a knitter

We just now have a knitting café on Facebook so and I have been drinking the the tea Carol,a nice japaneese tea.A dear friend has been sending me a perfect package with a thin circle needle ,size 2,2 skeins of soft sockyarn and of course some teabags.What else do you need a Sunday evening?Not much.Hopefully we are getting more time for handicraft during the first days of 2014.Still I have some days off.And hopefully we are getting a little bit colder and some more snow.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Gifts related to Christmas from family and friends

In the big box we have got "cakes" from our son with wife in Japan and the Christmas sock is from a penfriend in Japan.The beautuful fabrics are from a swap friend in Sweden.As always the Christmas eve goes so fast and you have not so much time to enjoy everything.Today,the Christmas day,is calm day filled with good music and also filled with time for the family.The younger son and his girlfriend are doing a lovely dinner for us.My husband and I we celebrate we have been married 34 years.So fast the time has gone.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas

With these 3 inches made by 3 different embroidery friends I 'm wishing you a Merry Christmas. With these 3 inches I 'm wishing you a relaxing Merry Christmas. With these 3 inches I'm wishing you a time for the most important in your life.It's the small things that makes the life so bright.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

In the middle of November

The sun dawn over the river of Kalix was so beautiful and I could take a relaxing walk along a short part of it.It's often a time for thoughts and inspiration.Every day it's a new experience.I love it. A dear friend of mine,M,sent me this little pouch in soft colours,colours we have in the landscape in the autumn/early winter time.But absolutely no flowers.She knows I love flowers and she made this gift for me.Thank you so so much.In late May/June the flowers are coming back. On the needles a knitting with 1 thread white wool on 5mm.

Sunday, November 03, 2013


It has been a long time without blogging but now I hope I'm going to be here once a week. First of all the time goes so fast and soon we have Christmas.The first little decoration I have made is a crochet one.I also made a circle of french knots in gold around the top. Very fast but so nice to do.As always I try to knit items as socks and shawls for the winter period and for gifts to family and friends.To have time to knit some rows in the morning gives a hope of socks until the end of the year 2013 :) Just now I'm working on a cushion I have to do as an exam project for the "Embroidery course".I use japaneese fabrics on linen fabric and I'm doing embroidery of some kind between the different parts and also some on the japaneese fabric.

Sunday, September 01, 2013

New socks It's a rainy Monday morning and I started knitting a new pair of socks in jeanns blue colour of Fabel from Garnstudio.The autumn with colder days makes the knitting of socks very good.As I need socks in darker colour it's hard to knit them in the evening so every morning is worth gold.As you can se I have done a change so my cuff starts with 2 of each.Well it was not meant to be that but I was in a hurry starting them so I made wrong but this is also a nice cuff.The lace pattern is called false lace and this is as it's on the pattern. I wish you all a nice day.Soon I'm going to work.

September.Wellcome back to my blog after a long vacation.

The redberries are just so wonderful this time a year.The knitting season is here.First of all I want to show you the wonderful wristwarmers I'v got from a dear friend a long way from here.I hope you can see the small beads she has used on the thin grey yarn..It's cute but hard to get a photo of.Thank you dear M. During the autumn I have to do some gifts for members of the family.Hopefully these wristwarmers are going to be to somebody.

Thursday, June 06, 2013

June 6 and the swedish national day

We are celebrating the swedish national day today and we also celebrate a lovely summer day and our home is brightened up by a new little quilt made by a dear friend,also a pen friend since many years,from Japan.We have had peace in our country since 1809.Yes,there are things we have to go on working with so many more people can live under better circumtances but we also have to be thankful for many things.Wish you all a nice summertime.

Saturday, June 01, 2013

A new fabric flower

Good luck with the fabric flowers

The socks are ready and I have been listening to a swedish knitting podcast.

+27.4C and there are 2 socks.Really very comfortable even if it's very warm.These are going to be my favourites when we have colder days.I didn't put any pompoms as I'm often wearing jeans so it would not be a good idea. I aslo would like to give a link to a swedish podcast I have been listening and the have also lovely links to patterns the like and they also have been talking about many knitting things as needles and yarns and so on. Wish you a nice and sunny Saturday

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Fabric flower

You need 5 squares fabrics,8cmx8cm,a button and a square of fabric to have on the button,one squae below and a needle and thread.You do triangles of the squares ans sew them together to a circle....... We had a workshop in the library and there were ladies who learnt to do them.They are working with handicraft around our area.of course the are more often in Luleå where we have a museum but sometimes they are coming to the countryside.just now we also have a handicraft exhibition in the library.More about that another time.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

May 19

A little baby cardigan made in M&K Eco baby bomull(cotton) A soft yarn and an easy pattern.Well the most "hard" work is to do the last do the last sewing together and to knit the last rows for the neck.It's going to be a very nice cardigan,soft and wearable. While looking at TV,icehockey and Eurovision contest(popular music) I have been doing a part of a crochet shawl in Daphne lace(schoeller&stahl)A nice yarn to do crochet but not in knitting as I couldn't find the right needles and I could't get the right feeling while knitting it.Maybee it was because of the combination 75% Schurwolle and 25%Polyamid. It's going to be a perfect shawl for a summer evening in the north of Sweden I wish you all a lovely day

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

A summer bag made by wood pulp made by my dear friendM

The bag ,crochet in a yarn made by wood pulp, is a birthday gift from a lovely friend,a pen friend from USA,since many years now.We have many things in common as knitting,crochet and embroidery and many more things.The yarn is eco Andaria.What a lovely wonderful glowing yarn and it's so good to find more eco yarns to use.My friend M says that it weakens a little when it's wet but now it's a very good quality and you can have small things in it without problems.This is also a good summer party bag.Why not having a gift in it when you go to a friend f ex flowers or a skein of yarn.In the birthday package she also put 2 skeins of eco Andaria so I hope I can find out what I want to do of it.About that during my summer vacation. Wish you all a nice time.

Sunday, May 05, 2013

The first day of a new year

May 6. With these flowers from my sister with family I celebrate the first day of a new year. Wish you a nice day

Saturday, May 04, 2013

White squares in linen fabric

The second embroidery with white DMC.The sqare in the middle is going to be an empty square,the other once are going to have small patterns.Love the way to design,and to have the full right to do whatever I like or whatever I want to fill it with. I have used for the soft stiches 2 of 6 strands and for the "thicker" ones 4 of 6 .This is a nice way of getting different impressions of the stitches and the embroidery. I wish you all a lovely day.

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

A new month and a new coaster

Wednesday ,the first day in May and I made this coaster in different cotton yarns in green,yellow and lilac.It's a simple pattern,a simple granny square,and I love it.You can play with yarns and colours.The last row around,the thin frame,is made of double embroidery yarn. the coaster is made by double embroidery yarn.I want to celebrate the springtime.We are longing for flowers and green leaves but still nothing of it.We still have ice on the river and a snowy landscape but every day the snow is melting. I wish you all a nice new month. Wellcome May with sun,flowers and green leaves,

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sunday morning inspiration

An early Sunday morning and I'm drinking my first cup of tea.The last week I have been without handicrafting.A very special week in that way.We have had our third workshop April 11 and 12 and now we have vacation until September.During that time we are working with 3-D projects in white on white and starting our examination work.More about that in the autumn. is a group of people loving to swap postcards and this week has been so great as I have been writing and getting cards from Japan,Taiwan,Russia,Germany,Mexico,Turkey and Finland.It has been so lovely to find a postcard from somewhere and often with lovely stamps on in our postbox.I'm looking forward sending more cards and getting some. A dear friend of mine has been in Maroco and she had this little bowl in blue for me.It's so beautuful and so "glowing".We have a special examination work in November where we are going to show our 5 items in embroidery.As you can see on my pictures I'm very inspirated by the blue colour just now.I have other things inspiring me too but I'm very blue.During my summer vacation I'm doing something of it as time goes so fast when we start working again in August

Friday, April 05, 2013

The result

The embroidery is done and in a way I'm satisfied as I made the patterns myself without any drawings before.Next time hopefully it's going to be better.This time we only had to play with the stitches.

Friday, March 29, 2013

What I'm working on

Early Friday morning and the sun is shining .I'm going to have vacation for 10 days.As I'm going on a embroidery course and we have homework to do I´m going to do some stitching during the vacation but also using the time for walking and other activities in the winter landscape. My homework. 1.We have to do different patterns in small squares,about 1,5" without using anything but the "eyes".How long is that?Well for me it is 1 3/4".Why?I don't know. a)One square of fabric -about 13" in white.I use linen fabric. Black yarn. Use different combinations of running stitches. b)One square of fabric -about 13" in off white White yarn. Use different combinations of running stitches. 2.An animal. a)We have made a animal to combine in different directions on the fabric.Use different stitches.Black yarn and white fabric. b)One animal in colours you want to use and in stitches you want to use. Happy Easter. Happy Spring

Friday, February 22, 2013

Small things for a little teddy bear

It's a new day and we are enjoying 2 days off from work.I have been working wirh different things during the last weeks.As I am participating in a embroidery course on Sätergläntan I have a lot to do until the next days in the beginning of March.No I have nothing to show of that as we only try to understand how to do an embrodery from something we have been painting.Painting.......I'm really a beginner so....... Often I'm starting my day knitting or crochet even if it's only for some minutes. I want to show you something I have done.I'm doing small items for a little teddy bear.It's going to be for a child who needs to get an extra hug,children who has pain or other things which makes the life harder. The picture shows 2 small items,a little jumper and a blanket. Wish you all a lovely weekend

Sunday, January 20, 2013

A blue mug rug.

The second mug rug from the "Mug Rug Rally" is made of blue fabrics from my stash and the blueberry fabric and the berry fabrics in red are from those I'v got from friends in this "Rally". I put some small fabrics in blue ,red and pink to the collection of fabrics which I sent away to the next quilter. Thank you all in this event who have given fabrics to us.Now a new quilter is doing rugs.Very exciting to follow fabrics during this "event".How long does it exist?Hopefully a very long time. Wish you a nice new week

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Vinnare i mugrugrally

1.Vinnare i "mugrugrally" Skicka ditt namn och din adress till min mail. 2.Ett tröstpris:några små bitar tyg som kan vara början till en muggmatta.Tygbitarna är en liten gåva av mig till dig Birgitta Wendel. Skicka din adress tili min mail

Saturday, January 05, 2013

"mug rug rally".Vill du vara med i lottdragningen på lördag?

Till svenska kviltbloggare.Anmäl dig till att få delta i "mugrugrallyt" senast 12 januari 18.00.Vinnare dras 19.00 och om jag har fått namn och adress så skickas tygerna söndag 13 januari.Kanske är det din lyckodag. Den andra "mugrug" som jag skall göra utgår i ett tyg med blåbär och med eget tyg.Mer om den under veckan.
A little mug rug in japaneese folding pattern.I participate in a Mug rug making by fabrics I'v got and a little from my own stash.Next Sunday I'm going to send fabrics I didn't use and some I have from my own stash. The red solid fabric was in the envelope I'v got and the star fabric is from my stash.Another fabric inspiring me is with blueberries on.About that mug rug next week Wish you all a lovely weekend

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Christmas gifts from my friend M in Japan

A postbox from Japan from my lovely friend M.I started to I had to take a photo first.She has used fabric ribbons for the box and this is just so perfect decoration on a very beautiful paper.In the box I found the "bag" with applications she made for me and in the "bag" a new origami box she has made.Can you imagine? In the box I found a coaster ,a crocket one in soft green and white.Also 2 pens,a card and a kind letter.I'm totally overwhelmed.Thank you M .I know you are reading my blog.