Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Gifu univesity


A long way from home our son is at Gifu Univesity studying japaneese.
We send him our best wishes

The family at home.The sun is shining and we have 22.26


Chie said...

Oooh, your son is finally in Japan. :) Gifu is a good prefecture. You must miss him and worry about him a lot being in a foreign country... I hope he is doing fine there without being homesick too much. I can relate myself to him because when I was younger, I came to the US to study all by myself too. :) I'm sure learning foreign language and culture helps make "his world" bigger. Wonderful thing! :)

Ulla said...

He has been living in a family this weekend.He really loves to be in Japan and in Gifu.
We long for him very much but we know he enjoy the days very very much.