Saturday, July 16, 2005

Summer and swaps

The sumer is full of lovely swaps.
Raggedy Ann is a new "doll" for me and I and 4 australian quilters swapped redwork blocks on patchNquilt ,a lovely yahoogroup.Really a nice Ann,a tough Ann.

Christmas in July-a heart in silk and cotton for Juliette on Chainsofhearts.She wished a heart with an angel and I like this little one very very much.Beads around the embroidery.

ATC swap-a pink fabric swap.These were the hearts I'v got.
The one down on the left hand is made of me.My first ATC swap.I'm going to participate later too.

Roses in the garden.
"My luv is like a red red rose"
Well white and pink roses are lovely too.
In the middle the lovely gifts I'v got from my SP4 on Knitty.
Beads,hooks in birch,a scoop for beads and the lovely book about Folk Mittens.

July so far has been a happy month for me.We also have a lovely summer.Yesterday we have got the first strawberries too
I'm also working with the the white doily and I also make some blocks.For my SP Melissa I made a scarf in Noro Shabon and I'm happy the colour was good for her.


Chloe said...

Dear Ulla,

I am so happy to find oyur blog, and it is so good of you to write for us in English.

I am going to go over to my blog and tell the world, and then make a lovely strong hot cup of coffee, and start reading

Much Love


beche-la-mer said...

Hello Ulla,

Linda's blog alerted me to yours, so I came for a visit. Your work is always so lovely to look at and I am so jealous of your beautiful roses, on a cold winter's day here in Australia.


Ulla said...

Thank you Linda and Melody.So nice to have you here.
Yes we have lovely warm summrerdays here and we just can't but be happy.I have been sitting in the garden making embroideries and drinking water or tea.

Maureen said...

Hello Ulla,
I was happy to hear from chloe that you had started blogging;
Thank you for visiting my blog too.
I often look at the rose heart you sent me and think of my friend in Sweden.
( I must start again making my hearts)

Ulla said...

Dear Maureen

These hearts we make are full of joy and creativity.We have get a special relation.I'm so happy you also have a blog and I can visite you nearly every day