Sunday, September 25, 2005

Ullas Fiber Blog

This is my latest doily.A lovely doily to do,a free form one but to arrange flowers and leaves took a lot of time.I loved to do it.Sorry to say I had problems to do it ready.My dear mother died the 11th of August and the time was so hard.Even if we knew her days were counted it came so suddenly.Well I managed to do it but....I miss her so .

The autumn is here with the lovely sun leaving us.Oh all these colours .Only a few flower left to bright our day.

We started the course and I was dying yarn in wool and cotton and also yarn in wool and cotton.I also tried to do patterns but I'm not ready with it.
I made 2 blocks with applications and one with an embroidery-both as gifts to friends who love to do patchwork or cross-stitch.Lovely works to do when you have little time but want to do something nice.These blocks are as honey for the soul.



Chie said...

Your doily is BEAUTIFUL!!!
I had never seen one like that until I saw yours. :)

Ulla said...

Thank you Chie and so nice to hear from you.I found a pattern in an old swedish book and I was so inspired and started to do it.The flowers,the leaves ..everything went on and it was a doily far from the doily I found in the book.

Kelly said...

Beautiful doily Ulla! I really like the color... very pretty. Sorry to hear about your Mom. The same thing happened when my Dad passed away last year. You just don't expect it.

Ulla said...

Thank you for the kind words.We are lycky we can create.It helps us going on even when it's hard times.

I hope I can go on with doilies.First of all I'm going to do a pincushion and......I thought of doing a doily for Christmas

Stacey said...

Ulla, I'm so sorry to hear of your mother's passing.

Your doily is beautiful! I've never seen one like it before...

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