Wednesday, December 26, 2007

26 December and a day of calmness

Dear all

Thank you for all kindness and best wishes during this lovely holiday.
Today we get fresh new snow and we feel a special calmness now.It's a day with time for reflections.Peace on earth is so important and with that we could use our money and strength to fight against poverty and missunderstanding.I have uploaded some pictures to show a little about our Christmas.


Hélène H said...

You seem to have had a nice, cosy and happy time, and all this snow is magic !

I hope you have also a happy and peaceful New Year !

Ulla said...

Visited you blog and I agree
"we can concentrate on our inner lights"
Take care

Jenny said...

Hi Ulla and a great BIG THANK YOU to you. I was very excited to unwrap my beautiful gifts from you on Christmas morning! You are SO neat with your sewing! I LOVE what you made me and I LOVE the fabric too!You are very clever and generous! I am glad you had a wonderful time on Christmas day with your family. Thank you and take care :)

Anni said...

Har hygget mig med at kikke rundt, du deltager i mange spændende ting og det kommer der mange flotte sager ud af kan jeg se, tak for hilsen i min blog, sjovt når jeg på den måde kan se i en blog jeg ikke har kendt, men nu vender jeg tilbage og følger med.


Gott nytt år/Önskar Dockmamman