Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Dear all

In spite of the dark period in the north of Sweden,a lot of work and a flu I have had a possibility to do some handicraft

First of all I 'm in a challenge on Sharon´s blog


and I wanted to do a biscornu inspired of my mother,a mother who learnt me a lot and who really gave me the strength to choose the life I wanted.She was a kind person and a person who loved the life and her family and friends.I thought of special sweets she liked and they were in bright colours.We had them very seldom but when...it was a real joy.

I also have done pincushion in other colours,inspired of the light we get in spring and summer.I long for flowers.

As we have winter just now I have done som products giving me some extra warmness.They are done in yarn I'v got from a dear friend,Kicki.Thank you so much.

I wish you a lovely time



Mimi said...

Lovely work, I like the colors you pick.
Dark period...that must be difficult, hopefully it isn't too cold there.

Kiki said...

Kul att se att garnet kom till nytta =)
Dina biscornu påminner mig om min som ligger här nånstans och väntar på att bli färdig.. Kanske är dags att ta itu med den. Det är ju en hemskt rolig form att jobba med.
Älskade den svarta, härliga färger!