Sunday, March 02, 2008

February Challenge

February,for me a month of flu and tiredness but also some lovely houres doing cross stitch to the challenge I'm in
February-also a month focusing on memories from the past.
My childhood was in many ways very good.One thing I thought about was lovely blue flowers we sang about but I never saw them in reality but made in blue paper.Where were they?They were many kilometers from here.Made the memory in a pattern I found somewhere.

I was living near a forest I didn't love.I was afraid of the darkness and the dangerous thing I could meet there.And birds-I hated to learn about them.Crazy me.
Not until I met my DH I changed my mind.Here you find a lovely pattern with a bird.I love the free patterns she has,especially this.
click on willows

I also remember the long winters.We often cut snowflakes in paper and it was so lovely.The pattern I used for this is

Here you can see what I have done.

I wish you a lovely start on March

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Hélène H said...

Well, I just learnt that modern birds all ascend from T-Rex... So you weren't so crazy after all ! :o)