Saturday, May 24, 2008

May 25 All the mothers day

This morning I found a blog from Finland.She make things I really love too.The crochet snowflake on a hat or on mittens or crochet squares in soft colours.

The flowers are made by and designed by Mimi,a blogfriend of mine.
There you find a free pattern to the flowers.
With these flowers ,so easy to make and so lovely to use as a decoration, I want to celebrate all the mothers in the world.What a happiness to have /have had a mother and to be a mother


staci said...

Very cute flowers :)

olga said...

the flowers are so beautiful! they really give a spring feeling :-)) I will certainly make a such one for my mother. Thank you for advise :-))

Yasmin said...

Happy Mothers Day to you !Lovely squares...the colours are so beautiful. Mimi's designs are always so pretty and feminine. Thanks for sharing the nice sites. Lots of Inspiration. Have a great week !

Mimi said...

I also love the crochet squares in soft colors and the snowflake on the hat :)
Thank you for the compliments on the flowers! Happy Mother's day to all!

Anonymous said...

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