Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tha first half of October


October 4 we celebrated the cinamon buns and I made some to my family.What a good start at the day.
Socktoberfest was started by http://petrao.blogpot.com.I also participate by doing socks in blue.The first one is ready.Very happy for that.
The doll quilt from my swap friend in Swap til you drop .A lovely more glowing quilt than the photo shows.And she also sent me a cham pack in pink colours.What a great joy.I do my little quilt for her but I show you when I have made it and she has got it.

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PetraO said...

Sockan ser fin ut men oj,oj vad jag blev sugen på kanelbullar efter att ha sett dina bilder!