Thursday, February 26, 2009

A mini quilt from a swap friend in Thailand meets our winter landscape

The quilt I sent to my friend in Thailand in black and bright colours.We made two different styles.I choosed a style I couldn't find she makes and now I really hope she likes it.She made a quilt in white,red and blue,colours I love but I seldom use in quilts but in knitting and crochet..So happy she made me.A surprise for me and a surprice for her.A perfect swap.

Today a lovely little mini quilt came to me and she also sent 2 blocks and a summer fabric.Thank you so so much.
The little quilt has hearts appliqued on white fabric and has a frame with squares and stripes.She also has put selvedges around the inner square.A very nice design.
She has done a very bright quilt with a feeling of the summer.Sweden and Thailand have really different climates just now.

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