Thursday, May 21, 2009

Art and traditions
Yayoi Kusama ,a japaneese artist I really love because she does something odd and also provocative.
I saw in a magazin bags designed by her in white and red with dots in different sizes.She still seems to be very active.She designs things for everyday life but also art for public use.

The japaneese flag has a great red "dot".The shrines and other religious buildings often has a type of red colour.The geishas we saw were dressed in bright colours.Most of the people were dressed in soft calm colours with few patterns on but on special occasions.Really a paradox or only a great contrast.

(Picture taken by M Sakakibara)

I hope I can go on with round forms in my knitting,crochet,emboidery and patchwork.Just now I have thousands of ideas but not so much time until the middle of June.

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