Monday, August 10, 2009

White orkid and socks

A new week,the last of my vacarions,starts with flowers,a cup of tea and knitting socks.
The black ones are made by yarn from
and the other pair in blue/green is made of yarn from

The black ones are made in no special pattern but the yarn is so smooth,it's in 80 % merino wool and 20 %nylon.I started with a lace pattern but it's too varigated so I choosed to do some rows in a different colour on the cuff.
The blue/green ones are made in 75% wool and 25 % polyamid.The pattern is from a KAL of Summer Lovin on pattern is so wonderful to do so the knitting make me so happy.Both the yarns are hand dyed.

The orkid is a gift I'v got from the girlfriend of my son.Thank you so much M.You really made me so happy and you really knew my favourite orkid and the white colour.
We have had the great happiness to have our both boys and the girlfiend of the eldest with us for 2 weeks.


Ati. Norway. said...

great socks Ulla, I like the pattern of the blue ones. It would be nice for a cardiagn too, I think :)

staci said...

Wonderful socks...each so unique :)