Sunday, November 29, 2009

The first Sunday in Advent

The lovely Advent Time is here.So many candles brighten up our dark season.Suddenly we get new inspiration to go on.
Today we have the first Sunday in Advent and it's about 4 weeks to Christmas .I have been in the center of our village and we could see Santas,many children wishing Christmas gifts.We could see 2 small ponny horses and a wagon full of happy children going around.Many stores showed lovely Christmas gifts and Christmas decorations.I meet many people I know more or less and it was really many attractions to enjoy too.I also made a short visit in a weaving room where people were weaving nice things.At home i had a lovely time with tea and lovely cakes I bought

2 comments: said...

merry Xmas and a happy New Year to you

Gran said...

Hello Ulla

The picture is beautiful. I love the white on white and the candles. Even the plants and poinsettias a delicate and look white washed.

I now feel like I can share on your blog - my dear angel.