Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wristwarmers and 2 UFOs are ready

It has been a weekend and we have had our handicraft meeting.First I started to sew together the wristwarmers and they seems to be a soft and warm pair with a little glamour.
After our coffee brake I made handles to a little purse I started to do a year ago.The batic fabric pieces are from the stash at "school".Someone made some printings and I made machine stitching on them.As a decor I put some buttons on.2011 seems to be a good year.....until now.

The small "UFO" had a fabric,also from the stash,painted with silk colours.I made some bead embroidery and machine embroidery on.Now I'm satisfied with it but not the picture.The angels on the bottom seems to be....crazy but in reality not."A bad photographer."

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ewa-christine said...

Så fina ullarbeten du har, jag skall gå en "ullkurs" i vår och det skall bli spännande. Skall återkomma till dig när detta närmar sig och titta på allt ditt andra som du gjort.
Ha en fin dag!