Saturday, February 19, 2011

A little" toilet bag" made by stripes

The little "toilet bag" is made by stripes from something striped for a log cabin quilt.It's a fabric from the past,something used before in a bed.A very nice pattern on it too.It reminds me of the childhood.Nice memories.My mother often used it when she was weaving rugs and you could as a child look at the and sometimes find a stripe of something you have had.My father often found something from a shirt.My mother told him that he had been using the shirt too much and she needed that patter/colour.And it's very good for the environment to recycle.The theme in the work shop this weekend is recycling.Very very good.
I wish you a nice Sunday


Astrid said...

Det är svårt att inte handla när det finns så mycket på Mässan.
Vilken bra och fin väska du sytt.

Maria said...

Fint med madrasstyg!

Maria said...

Vilken fin väska. Det tyget väcker barndomsminnen. Det är jättefint!

Marianne said...

Det tyget minns jag och det är en fin necessär Du sytt. Såg att Du hälsat på i min blogg.Tack för orden om min Tulpankasse.

Pia said...

Åh, vad fint det är med madrasstyg. Bra gjort med mönsterpassning!