Sunday, March 27, 2011

Workshop with Angela Madden

Last weekend we had a workshop with Angela Madden.
We were working with flowers in different ways.First she learnt a way of doing a pattern of a flower and the tulip I have done is about 85% from a pattern she gave us.The fabrics are handdyed exceot of the fabric for the petals

The second is a fantasy flower made on handdyed fabric with different parts of different "silkflowers".This was so funny to do.The quality we got is for cards or a small decoration,not anything to wash in the washing machine.


Alma said...

Så underbart vackert och inspirerande! Vad du är duktig på detta, du borde lära ut sådant här också!

Mia stickar said...

Va fina, så kul att få gå på workshops!

Annika said...

Vad fina dina alster blev, jag har inte gjort mina färdiga ännu.