Friday, June 03, 2011

Friday ,sunshine and a letter

It's a day when we have holidays,we can enjoy the beautiful sunshine ,the songs from the birds and a very green landscape.The postman came very early and what made me so happy is a letter from a pen friend in Japan,from a place nearer Fukushima than I knew before.To get a letter from M and the things she wrote about reminds me of the short distance between paradise and hell.They live with the earthquakes and the radiations so near.In this situation they have to go on and dear M I feel so happy you can start painting and quilting even if it's hard.

For me Japan is so near connected with handicraft made with a great perfection and beauty and they have stamps I really admire.Every letter with their stamps give me a special feeling.After the last catastrophy I really feel the paradox between the reality and the art.The last month I have got lovely small cranes in paper from a friend that gives me so much hope,they never give up.


Alma said...

Vilka härliga brevhälsningar. Riktiga brev ska det vara!

Tänk vad människan står ut med mycket, det är så hoppingivande att din vän pysslar med sitt konsthantverk i Fukushimas skugga.

Metta said...

Måste kännas underbart att få brev från din vän i Japan. Man kan inte riktigt föreställa sig hur det måste vara att leva så nära både jordbävningar och radioaktivitet.
Så skönt att det finns både målning och quilting som kanske kan göra livet litet lättare ibland.
Ha en bra helg!