Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A tribute to the new day

A new day and I'm drinking my first cup of tea.The coasters were made last evening after a long day at work.Also a lovely thing to do when you are relaxing a little bit.And when you need a little bit of extra colours in your life.I needed.I made them in the size just perfect for my tea cups. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? What colour did I start with????? What colour do you wish on your coaster? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


Ati. said...

Hei Ulla, it seems the coasters will be modern again. We have had them in the seventies too :)
I think I have to find a ball of cotton again. LOL
Wishing you a nice Easter!

Alma said...

Kul, jo på 70-talet fanns det många sådana, ornagea förstås, Tompi som vill ha 70-talsstil i Kiruna har alla som farmor virkat i sitt kök i Kiruna.