Friday, March 29, 2013

What I'm working on

Early Friday morning and the sun is shining .I'm going to have vacation for 10 days.As I'm going on a embroidery course and we have homework to do I´m going to do some stitching during the vacation but also using the time for walking and other activities in the winter landscape. My homework. 1.We have to do different patterns in small squares,about 1,5" without using anything but the "eyes".How long is that?Well for me it is 1 3/4".Why?I don't know. a)One square of fabric -about 13" in white.I use linen fabric. Black yarn. Use different combinations of running stitches. b)One square of fabric -about 13" in off white White yarn. Use different combinations of running stitches. 2.An animal. a)We have made a animal to combine in different directions on the fabric.Use different stitches.Black yarn and white fabric. b)One animal in colours you want to use and in stitches you want to use. Happy Easter. Happy Spring

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heidi said...

Vilket intressant projekt!

Hoppas att du får en riktigt härlig ledighet med många sköna promenader, att kursen blir lärorik och att påsken blir härlig!

Glad Påsk!