Wednesday, May 08, 2013

A summer bag made by wood pulp made by my dear friendM

The bag ,crochet in a yarn made by wood pulp, is a birthday gift from a lovely friend,a pen friend from USA,since many years now.We have many things in common as knitting,crochet and embroidery and many more things.The yarn is eco Andaria.What a lovely wonderful glowing yarn and it's so good to find more eco yarns to use.My friend M says that it weakens a little when it's wet but now it's a very good quality and you can have small things in it without problems.This is also a good summer party bag.Why not having a gift in it when you go to a friend f ex flowers or a skein of yarn.In the birthday package she also put 2 skeins of eco Andaria so I hope I can find out what I want to do of it.About that during my summer vacation. Wish you all a nice time.


Miyuki said...

Oh! Thank you so much for taking that picture and introduce for everyone!!
I feel so happy!!!

Emmas dagar said...

Söt väska :-)