Saturday, June 06, 2015

Dala-Floda and Embroidery

On the course in Dala-Floda we also learnt a little about wool embroidery,mostly with lovely flowers in strong colours.You can find them on the folk art clothes ,both onclothes for women and men.We could learn how to do the best stitches and where to start.Hard work.I also could see that different yarns were more or less useful or more kind for us who were newbees.But what wonderful embroidery houres we had.The days were to short. On this blog you can find(only in swedish) pictures and so on about knitting and embroidery,also on mittens Here you can see a postcard I bought and how the embroidery also looks like
What a great day this was too.Hopefully I'm going on next yearwith this too.There are so many thing to enjoy and to learn.My second goal for the rest of 2015 is to do some more embroideries in wool As you all can see I have a lot to learn before I'm doing this embroidery very well but I never give up.

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Jane McLellan said...

Wonderfully colourful embroidery!