Sunday, July 03, 2016

The Nordic knitting symposium 2016

Kiruna ,sunshine and many knitters in town.We really had a warm and lovely time in the city.

Here I show 2  wristwarmers imspired by the Lovikka mitten.These are made of our teachers in the course.So dear friends in a month or two I show you my versions of theese.

The second course I had was Estonian knitting and the picture shows the goal we had to do but no this is made by our teacher.For me this is something I'm going to go on with  and do my own vesion of much later.You can also see some of the other mittens she had.Our teacher was Kristi Jöeste,one of the author to Estonian Knitting 1 Traditions and Techniques

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Anonymous said...

Det låter som om du verkligen var helnöjd med de kurser du gick på!

Vantarna är sååå fina! Att kunna sticka egna versioner av dom låter hur spännande som helst!