Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Winterday and Halloween cross-stitch

The 26th of October 08.50 I had this lovely wiev from my window.About 5" of snow in the garden.I love these days when it's not so cold.
I have done my first Halloween block.It's a mix of two patterns from Lizzie&Kate.Perhaps I do one in black and with another aida to get the motive bigger.


Chie said...

Oooh your crossstitch work is very nice!!! I don't have patience for crossstitch, but I love seeing beautiful works.
I LOVE snow, I wish it snows like that here too, but last year we had a warm winter, and I think it'll be just like last year this year or warmer. :(

Ulla said...

Thank you Chie for visiting my blog.

Yes you have another climate then we have.Good to have handicraft to work with during wintertime.I learned cross-stitch many years ago and I have found a lot of interesting things about embroidery.I am e member of a course where I have embroidery and crochet as my subjects
Have a nice time
Enjoy crochet