Sunday, February 05, 2006

My newbees

Dear all

I show the latest things I'v done.1.Knitted wristwarmers with an crochet edge from a yarn, Knit Picks 70%Baby Alpacha,30%Silk, I'v got from my Mellow secret pal.Thank you.this is just a thin soft yarn I really recommened to everybody.

2.2 new snowflakes I made on Monday.It's a thicker cotton yarn and tge snowflakes are good in the Christmas tree or as a decoration in a window.I hope I have time to do some in a very thin cotton yarn.

3.The third picture is my choice of colours to a Mystery in embroidery.I have choosen those colours because of the colours we have just now in wintertime with -27C..Of course the green colour is something I want to remind me of flowers inside and later outside.We have soft blue,white,pink,turqouise......even if it's a white winter.I hope I can show you more of this mystery in a week or so.

I have been not so fresh ,flue and fever have been taken so much strenght from me but I think I'm going to be more inspirated next week end.Until then have a nice time


Ulla's Secret Pal! said...

Oh wow!! Those wristwarmers look so lovely...I knew you would do something beautiful with the yarn. I'm so glad you enjoyed knitting with it! More goodies will be on their way to you soon... ;D

Ulla said...

Dear SP

I only used 12g of 50g to these wristwarmers.What a wonderful yarn it is and so comfortable things you can make of it.

Thank you once again