Sunday, February 19, 2006

A week full of blue,yellow and pink

This has been a lovely week in a way.Many swedish medals,many good results from athlets from other country too.And yes I have been listening very much and seen a little.Embroidery and knitting has been favourite works in the evenings.I have full time work so there are short periods of handicraft.I have also still great problems with a flu so....

I have done wristwarmers-link 12th of February
A square in dominostrikk-see more
A lovely Hello Kitty in cross stitch-
A heart for frienship-
A card with roses and a butterfly-inspirated by Spring beauty in Cross stitch crazy February 2006
And at last a picture taken from the garden.This is a view from my window.A beautiful sunny winter day in the north of Sweden

Have a nice time all my friends

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