Saturday, November 04, 2006

A challenge

Dear all my friends

Today we in Sweden have a special day reminding of our friends who are not with us on the earth.We lit candlles on the graves and we often lit lights at home too.I lit an extra light for my mother.

I have had a week of holidays and it has been so lovely.I have been resting,walking,doing embroideries,writing letters and cards.We have had cold but sunny and and the landscape so so white and glittering by the sunshine.The daylight is shoerter and shorter but 23 December it turns.

Violetta Parra has a song
"I want to say thank the life"
I agree

I decided to take up Sandies offer of a challenge
The first 5 people to respond to this challenge, via comments will each get a small gift from me.
Tell me your favourite colour.
Tell me if you prefer a small gift to use in crochet,embroidery,patchwork or knitting.

The catch is, you must also offer on your blog the same sort of offer. This is not an exchange where you send back to me, it's called 'paying' it forward to others who read your blog.

Sorry my pictures are gone out in the cyberspace and I still have no new system.


Mimi said...

I intended to post here a couple of days ago, but blogger was not up to it :p
We also had a school break last week and a few days of holiday to remember our dear departed.

Susan said...

I love the idea that you have a day like that.

I would take up your challenge, but I already did this on my blog. =(