Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The needlebook I made

Dear all

Now I can give you a link to a blog where you can see the needlebook I made nearly 2 weeks ago.So happy that my friend did this slideshow showing the needlebook I sent her.Thank you P.
7 November

Have a nice time


Pascale une fée dans mestiroirshttp://clasmo said...

thank you Ulla ! you made a so beautifull needlebook !!! I love it ! thank you very, very much !

hideko said...

Ulla, your needlebook is beautiful!! Hideko

Mimi said...

very lovely, Ulla! you're a multitalented fiber artist!

Chloe said...

Dear Ulla,

That is a beautiful needlebook.

I am out here, and trying to write to you, but my e-mails keep coming back. I will try again tonight.



Ulla said...

Thank you Pascale,Hideko,Mimi and Linda

I'm so happy for your lovely comments.It means so much for me to get a respons on what I did.

Have a nice time

Bea said...

The needlebook is beautiful, Ulla!

Ulla said...

Thank you dear Bea

My best regards