Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Projects ,life and winter.

The fourth day of work starts in an hour.We have a lovely morning with -10.6 C,a sky full of stars and a moon also brightening up the dark morning.Every morning is a gift but some mornings are more comfortable after many good dreams,many hours of sleeping and a day not so full of hard work.

1.If you want to do a little knitting-do what I did yesterday evening.Off-white cotton yarn.Why not pink or read or........

2.If you want to celebrate Christmas or winter.

I hope the have 2 hearts in cross-stich freebies still on their site.

3.A smaller embroidery?

4.I wish to buy and do this little embroidery for a bag.A crazy-quilt lady from Janlynne

I wish you all my friends a nice end of the week,the second one of 2007.


Anonymous said...


Äntligen har det blivit dags att lägga upp bilderna från knit-a-longen på min blogg. Har jag fått bild av dig? Har du något färdigt? Jag kan inte hitta något nämligen... Har jag slarvat bort bilderna? Kan du skicka nya?


Pascale une fée dans mestiroirshttp://clasmo said...

merci pour toutes ces bonnes adresses Ulla !