Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A week of holidays

Happy new year all my friends.

-0.1 and a thin powder of new white snow.6 days until the first day at work 2007.Enjoyed familylife.Birthday for my younger son and my elder came home from Tokyo.
To rest a little give you time to reflect over the life and the situation on the earth.

Some thoughts.

Why do some countries have capital punishment when you are not as a private person allowed to kill?
Nobody has the right to short the life of another person,not even a state.

We have so much to be grateful of.Why are we not?
Do we live in a world of fantasy or..?
Catch the day.

To have friends is a great gift to a human being.
To have a family is a great gift to a human being.
To live in peace is a great gift to a human being.

What am I going to do these days of holidays?


I'm knitting socks in white and I use a pattern,Snow Flakes by Jeanie Townsend.The link above shows how the sock looks like.


A nice little embroidery made by a creative women.She also sell beautiful samplers.

Perhaps I have time to do a little scissor fob or ornament from Alchemy Stitchcraft.She has a lovely group too and there I found a little embroidery(2"x2") in cross-stitch and with some small beads on too.

And I 'm going to talk walks in the warm winterdays.
And go on enjoing the familylife.
And read some pages in a great nove.

Well well some of it...........Can't stop being a time optimist.


Ulla said...

Thank you Pascale for your best wishes and a happy new uear.I deleated the wrong text and your comments went away.

Have a nice time

hideko said...

I have been a member of Amnesty International for years, though our local group is not so active now because each memeber is busy. Last year (in February) I was asked to speak about the death penalty for students in a high school here. In Japan it's still legal. It's a shame. Not everyone thinks it's a cluel and uncivilized punishment. It's so sad. I agree with you.
I wish you a happy and peaceful year.

Ulla said...

Dear Hideko

When I was in school we also had legal right to be punished.I'm 57 today so it was a long time ago and I'm very happy it has been illegal for many years now.Not even the parents have the right to punish the children but try to show how to live and explain what is right and wrong.
Thanks dear Hideko

hideko said...

We are the same age.

Ulla said...

Dear Hideko

So lovely to be in the same age.Different backgrounds I think when we have differnt history.
But we have many interests together,both crazy patchwork,historical clothes and and human rights and so on.

Mimi said...

Happy New Year, Ulla!
(I tried posting earlier but we're still having slow internet connections here esp. during the working hours.)

Ulla said...

Thank you Mimi

Nice to hear from you in the beginning of this new year 2007.
Have a nice week