Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Leslie's block

I want to show you the stitches I did on Leslie's block

This is a RR in Crazyquilt.I love embroidery and patchwork in a combination.


Freja said...

Hallo my dear friend! Här händer det minsann saker. :) Jag har väl varit borta från nätet för länge kan jag tro. Så vackra saker du håller på med!

Du... vet du!?

"4.Every human being you meet has a great novel to tell you.And your novel can be told.Don't miss it.The life has many colours so go on "painting"as long as you can.
7.We are all equal even if we have different possibilities.
8.Work for piece and understanding.Begin with yourself and go on......"

...precis så här upplever jag dig!

Kram /Mari

Ulla said...

Tack Freja för de värmande orden.
Jag önskar dig en fin dag.