Sunday, April 06, 2008

The last knittings

It has been a time of work but also some minutes/houres of knitting.Even if the winter is leaving us I love to think of next winter.

Wristwarmers are lovely to wear even in the springtime and I did the in soft yarn,the burgund ones are in merino wool.The striped ones are made of Regia silk,a yarn I tried to use to socks but it's really thin and I tried to do cables and I couldn't get a good result so.....wristwarmers are perfect to do of it.

Mittens in wool....yes I love the clear winterdays when the sun is shining.I long for more shiny winter days but I also long for the summertime.The pattern is very common in the nordic countries and I love it.It reminds me of the lovely snowflakes in different patterns,some are like thin lace,other are bigger and in the fantasy you can see "flowers"


Anonymous said...

love those wristwarmers. did you just make up the pattern?

Ulla said...

The wristwarmers to the right are made od yarn that is "colored" as it is on the wristwarmes.To the left are made from a pattern I found on internet.I think I knit 6 rows and purl 6 rows.
Have a nice week