Saturday, April 26, 2008

A potholder in paper yarn and a felted bowl

Last weekend we had a nice time in Borås.I bought a pattern and paper yarn to do potholders.Hard to crochet but a nice result.Well not so useful as a potholder but as a decoration.We also used paper yarn when we tried to weave small items.More about that another day.I also learned a little abour felting and the first we did was to do a pattens.My flower is a happy flower but not a perfect one.I used spring colours as we had a sunny day and we saw beautiful flowers.Here in the north we still have a lot of snow.The potholder is on the snow when I took a photo of it.Just now we have a very great difference ,in the south of Sweden a landscape that change to spring/summer and in the north the snow slowly melt down.Still the river is frozen but the ice is weaker and you can't be on it I think.


Mimi said...

Hi Ulla! Both are cute and unique projects! Is the paper yarn same as raffia?

Ulla said...

Dear Mimi

The paper yarn I use is made by "trees" we have here in the north.I think this yarn is made in Finland.
Thanks for visiting me.
Have a nice new week

Yasmin said...

I've never heard of paper yarn- I'm curious ...can you explain a little more? I'd love to know. Your projects are really lovely. Both of them and the knitting you've done in the past few weeks. Great going.
Have a wonderful Day.

Ulla said...

Hi Mimi and Yasmin - and Ulla! This is the other Ulla, from Finland. The paper yarn is made of strong thin paper, about 2 cm wide strips have been twisted tightly to make a yarn. Originally it was used as packing string, the colours were brown or blue/white. Now it is made for crafting in all colours.