Monday, January 05, 2009

An ATC as a great wish of a nice new winter week

The winter is a season we both hate and love.The daylight comes more and more and give us joy.
I'm knitting new thin mittens in wool and I really enjoy the last days of holidays.On Wednesday we start again.It has been a relaxing time with some houres of knitting,emboidery and patchwork but also a lovely time of reading and enjoying music of different kinds.


ewa-christine said...

Kul att titta in hos dig på din blogg. Ha en skön vecka.

Glyn said...

i have been in Cape Town in the scorching sun, so no stitching! how many hours of sunlight do you have?
I am also at work now, so not much time for creative work.Do you get very depressed when you don't see the sun?