Sunday, January 25, 2009

The favourite tea cup for December/January

This cup has given me many relaxing moments the last month but now I can give it 11 months of holidays.The Christmas is definitely over but soon I give you the favourite cup of February.The coaster was a gift from a swap friend.Now I'm going to do a new coaster for February.What pattern do I use now?The cup is in light grey with patterns in dark blue and it's a japaneese cup so........

What favourite pattern to coasters do you have a link to?????Plese give me a link!


Glyn said...

Try the page, Eastwind Art on Google. On their home page is a stencil design of a tortoise and a crane labeled "Sashiko Designs". It is a circular motif which would be very nice in grey cotton backstitch or chain stitch on a blue cloth. It would also look good if you partially dyed the cloth in the dipping method.
A bamboo outline would also look good.
regards, glyn

Ulla said...

Thank you Glyn.

Really something to think about.Sashiko would be nice.
Have a nice day