Thursday, December 31, 2009

The last day in December 2009

What am I doing in my spare time during the last day of 2009?
Yes I'm knitting new gloves in red with trees on.A lovely islandic pattern showing something of December with red for Christmas and love and white trees coved by snow we can see in the forest this time a year.We can see the near our house.....well we can see a little dark green under the snow.

We have a very special phenomina around an the electric cadle in our Christmas tree in the garden.Only around one canle we have this formation of snow and it's something we see from our windows in our dining room.Something very nice.


Gran said...

Wishing you a creative 2010.

Your knitting is admirable! The colours are fitting for this time of year. Please show your finished mittens - I can hardly wait! The snow covered candle is precious and how wonderful you can see it from you dining room.

Have you knit mittens or socks with one round knitting needle?

I love your photos!

Ulla said...

Thank you Gran

I always knit socks and mittens with 4+1,never learnt how to do it with round ones
Have a nice new 2010.
Happy to have you as a blogfriend too.

Sylvia said...

Så gøy at du også blir med på Julegave-alongen inne hos meg!