Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas gifts from M,a quilt and some fabrics.

When I was on the Östasiatiska museum I saw some kimonos with fabris with the pattern I recognize on the orange and yellow fabrics from M.It seems to be a shibori technic.Very interesting.

The mini quilt has many quilting stitches,some in metallic gold and other in white.It's har to show it in the picture.The quilt is on the snow in front of our house.The details are taken inside.

Another lovely star on the borders up and down the mini quilt.The idea to do fantasy stars make the quilt more exciting.

What a georgious quilt fom my friend M!My friend M is really a fantastic quilter and she has done something reminding us of winter.She lives where the snow seldom comes.And the lovely crazy stars!I really really love them.

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