Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A big big thank you for the RAK and for the coming summertime

It's early morning and it's raining -I couldn't resist taking of photo from my room and I really love this season with the flowers and the green garden,a short time every year but a really inspiring time.Nearly no darkness.

I'm so blessed as I have got a RAK ,a very big RAK,from a knitting friend in UK.
There are colours in thin and a little thicker quality for lace knitting.
Wool/Casmere,Silk/Wool/Cashmere nd Sil/BabyCamel and Cashmere.So beautiful colours in my favourites and the qualities so so kind for the skin.I hope I can be knitting shawls for many occasions and in different lace patterns.What a summer!

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Ati. said...

Such a beautiful colors Ulla,for the most beautiful shawls :)