Sunday, May 30, 2010

I wish you a lovely new day

It's a sunny morning and soon I'm going to work.As you can see there are more flowers now and in the sunshine they are so so beautiful.On Sunday we had the Mother's day and I could do some granny squares for a bag.The granny squares are so lovely to do.The coloured yarns I have used are the ones who were left after the weaving "bed covers" in a weaving group.I have used "lefts" with the lenght of about 20". I had the happiness to have the possibility to buy some of them.

During the week I'm also doing a ring cushion but it's going to be a top secret until July 24 when my son and his girlfriend are going to be married in our church.What i can say the flowers above give me a lot of inspiration.We are so happy for that and it's a great honour for me to do one.
Well now it's time to go to work.
Why not do some granny squares you to?!?!

I wish you a nice day


Mikaela said...

Jag hoppas att mitt disktrasepaket har kommit fram?!

Ulla said...

Hejsan Mikaela

Paketet är här och jag kommer att blogga om det inom kort.Överlycklig över det fantastiska rosa paketet.Bilden finns i vårt galleri på