Thursday, July 08, 2010

Japaneese Symbols in Cross-stitch

During the weekend I couldn't resist doing a little embroidery I got from my friend M ( USA.I choosed to do it on aida in an egg shell colour and I really love the colour and the symbols.As many of you know I have a special connection to Japan.


Miyuki said...

Oh! You finished the Japanese designs!! Thank you Ulla!
It looks so lovely!!

About my bag...
Yes,I used only plastic bags.
I think it's interesting idea,too.
You should try!!

Today, I went to IKEA by train.(3hours)
I could get some nice stuffs with good deal.
I love IKEA!!!!!!!!!! Ha Ha!!

Have a nice weekend,too Ulla!

Ati. said...

Realy lovely Ulla. I hade to enlarge it to see the nice details. Have a nice sunny weekend!