Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ribbon embroidery

On a blog
I found the SAL in ribbon embroidery and I decided to follow her instruktions.All is in swedish but you can see the pictures showing different steps.What was really new for me was the japanese stich for the leaves.I used silk fabric and the ribbons in the kit are azlon ribbons ,really nice to use.The roses are in spiderstitches and the knots are french knots made with 3 strands of varigated DMC.

What a great start of a new day to do ribbon embroidery.


Amy said...


zarina said...

That is one craft I want to do (bought the materials and tools) but have not yet done.

Babara said...

By accident I saw your blog and discovered that you're also doing ribbon embroidery. I've just started doing this (for me new) technique and I like it very much. Your stitched heart is very, very nice...and inspiring.
Greetings from Switzerland,

Babara said...

Oh, I just see, that I've been here before and also left a comment :-) ! When strolling through your blog posts I discovered how varied your handcrafts are. Unfortunately I am not able to knit anymore. Meanwhile I've done several ribbon embroideries too...and I like this kind of "work"!
Have a good time!