Sunday, October 17, 2010

Japaneese blocks.

All the day ,from early morning to late evening we were learning how to do blocks in a japaneese way.I did it all by hand.Very relaxing.Some also used sewing machine.This way of doing blocks give you the opportunity to use small squares of fabrics or small embroideries or maybe fabric flowers I have seen in japaneese books.
I used a square ,4",that gives the size of the block.You also have a circle of fabric,bigger than the square and the batting,for the background and the "frame".


Ati. said...

Nice Ulla. The two below I know as cathedral window pattern. Very useful to use rests of fabrics.

Stina said...

Way to go..:O))
Have several like the square ones you made..hmm.. maybe it is time to put them togther.. and can you believe me .. they are made in black and brights..;o)) LOL... maybe it is why they still aint done..;O))