Thursday, November 04, 2010

A trip to Luleå

A new day and I feel so happy for the trip to Luleå.We were visiting an exhibition on Norrbottens museum,Krona och krans,an exhibition about wedding traditions now and from the past.
On internet I found a blogger showing some of the things I also l...oved to see.In the past you had for example flowers made of paper,really a long time ago,but I think we now have some brides using paper flowers or flowers in other materials.And the crowns made in different materials.So so creative and so beautiful.What fascinated me very much were the lovely mittens for the celebration.Most of them very decorated and made in wool in silk yarn.

My sister and I we also were haveing a nice lunch,lovely "fika" with cakes and many lovely chats.We were walking a lot and we had rain,snow and sunshine.A long lovely day.
What a day!

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